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Evolutionary psychology theories propose that curves on female bodies act as markers of fertility and potential reproductive power. This idea of a voluptuous derrière is deeply rooted in human biology, and has been culturally magnified in modern times. According to Helen B. Fisher, biological anthropologist, "the roundness of the buttocks is attractive to males during rear-entry intercourse." In the current age of powerful celebrity figures sporting full figures, diverse ass activities such as doggy-style and spanking have increased in popularity, even anal intercourse. To have the ultimate orgasmic experience in ass play, this article will help you select the ideal booty sex doll.


Generally, two varieties of buttocks can be acquired when purchasing a sex doll torso:

  1. Regular ass;

  2. Gel ass.

The features, benefits, and drawbacks of all types are outlined below:

1. Regular Ass

Traditional sex dolls are typically constructed of a single material, usually silicone or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Tantaly exclusively uses TPE, providing superior flexibility and softness when compared to silicone alternatives. These Tantaly dolls are typically ideal for those seeking a more firm and athletic ass, as they have greater durability and are less prone to damage. Tantaly's regular ass sex doll collections include Tantaly Eva, Tantaly Cecilia, Tantaly Rosie, and Tantaly Louise.

regular ass

Advantage: Harder donkeys offer enhanced firmness and resilience, decreasing risks of damage.

Disadvantage: Regular asses possess less elasticity and plushness than gel asses, causing a diminished sense of realism as well as responsiveness.

2. Gel Ass

Gel Asses are distinct from the gel breast crafting technique, and a rarity in the market. Unlike regular asses, these are created by injecting gel into doll molds, which cool and take shape. The results are softer to the touch and offer a more realistic jiggle compared to regular asses. On the other hand, gel material is more prone to damage and deformation from pressure.

regular gel ass

Advantage: The gelasses display a greater softness, bounce, and resilience.

Disadvantage: Gel pads often fail to provide a realistic tactile sensation, which can be unsettling. Additionally, they can be more easily damaged, requiring extra care for safekeeping.

3. Tantabutt - Tantaly's Exclusive Soft Buttock Support System

Tantaly is devoted to the "SHEIS" concept- Satisfaction, Human-like, Economical, Interactive, and Soft-touch- creating a doll that is realistic, convenient to utilize, interactive, and gratifying; delivering a superior experience to users.

Tantaly is passionate about enhancing user satisfaction. As soon as customers asked for soft buttocks, we started exploring the technology. Unlike soft breast technology, the buttocks covers more area, making production more complex. Traditional gel buttocks are vulnerable to damage & misshaping due to being completely made of gel with soft edges. To ensure the buttocks have a soft texture, realistic female shaking effects, & long-term reliability, we developed a new production method: we added a layer of traditional material to the ass material's exterior for support. We tested the thickness of the external layer & inner gel, then carefully heated & cooled both during fusion. This is tantabutt technology.


Advantage: Tantabutt's design is superior to that of regular gel asses with a more authentic and stretchy experience, plus enhanced durability that resists deterioration.

Disadvantage: It is less resilient than traditional gel cushions.

Tantaly production team's high-level technical expertise has extended the production time by 20%, but its success is undeniable. Mia outperforms conventional soft ass products in terms of jiggle, shape, and longevity, and the softness has been boosted by 50% when compared to our earlier ass designs. To get a better understanding, please refer to the accompanying gifs of normal and Tantabutt asses.

Regular Asses


The product in the picture is Tantaly Joanna (sold out)



The product in the picture is Tantaly Mia (available)

The contrast between the two types of asses is unmistakable. Tantabutt offers an elastic, realistic jiggle that replicates the feel of the female counterpart. An adaptable material, it is suitable for use with ass dolls of all shapes and sizes. Mia, the world's first detachable channel ass, possesses an irresistibly cute petite derriere thanks to the utilization of Tantabutt. Soon to be released, Daisy, the 51.4LB Peach Booty, is the second Tantabutt derived ass torso doll.

Tantaly Daisy

Weighing in at a hefty 51.4LBs, Daisy is the ideal choice for customers who want an ultra-realistic and super-soft TPE ass torso experience. Tantabutt technology ensures her buttocks shake in time with your thrusts, creating a truly spectacular view. Daisy, Tantaly's second-heaviest ass doll, is launching soon - don't miss out!

Important Information:

Tantabutt's advanced production technology ensures optimal elasticity and realistic feeling of flesh. Some may worry if Tantabutt is as prone to deformation or damage as other soft ass products. Tantabutt fully fuses the surface TPE with the internal gel, resulting in a minimized amount of internal air - thus boosting its durability. No matter the ass technology used, protective measures must still be taken in order to enjoy an exceptional doll experiences.

  1. Employ balanced motions: Sensuous caresses with mild force can be enjoyable, while aggressive handling may cause damage. Handle the doll with the same care you would offer a romantic partner. Furthermore, never leave the doll near objects such as scissors or the tip of a pen.

  2. Tantaly dolls come with privacy protection, boasting a 5-layer security system when sealed. Each doll is fitted with a custom polypropylene case that is nestled in a large black bag with convenient handles. An accessory pocket is included in the bag for ease of travel. After cleaning and ensuring the doll is completely dry, it's recommended to store the doll in the provided polypropylene packaging. This will prolong the doll's lifespan while providing a secure defense against its soft ass.

Tantaly research into available ass products reveals that Tantabutt is notably superior in terms of softness, tactile feel, and longevity. Therefore, if you require an incredibly realistic sexual experience, we highly recommend Tantabutt ass sex doll.

Comparison among tantabutt, general gel and regular ass


Tantaly ass sex dolls are classified by weight into three groups: Mini, Standard, and BBW torso dolls.

1. Tantaly BBW Ass Sex Doll Torso: 19kg and Above

Tantaly Eva sex torso boasts sensual curves and a fleshier body, with visible ripples of the rear for heightened stimulation. As a BBW big ass sex doll, she's the only model currently available from Tantaly.

2. Tantaly Standard Ass Sex Doll Torsos: 10kg - 18kg

Tantaly Standard ass sex dolls are designed to faithfully recreate the size of a woman's buttocks for a comfortable experience. Tantaly offers two ass dolls currently, Louise and Rosie, with a third, the 18kg Peach Booty Daisy, coming soon.

Tantaly Mini Ass Sex Doll Torsos: below 10kg

Tantaly Mini ass sex doll torsos boast a petite size that offers greater convenience - they can be held in one hand, require minimal storage and cleaning space, and are simpler to protect than larger dolls. Two models are available from Tantaly; Tantaly Mia and Tantaly Cecilia.

Tantaly Ass Torso Sex Doll Size Comparison

As displayed in the images, it is easy to observe the size of the dolls relative to an iPad and the hand of a 5'11" individual. To discern the exact dimensions of the dolls, apart from the bust size, please click here. Tantaly Doll Comparison.

Tantaly Eva

Hand, tablet and eva size comparison

Tantaly Rosie

Hand, tablet and rosie size comparison

Tantaly Louise

Hand, tablet and louise size comparison

Tantaly Cecilia

Hand, tablet and cecilia size comparison

Tantaly Mia

Hand, tablet and mia size comparison

Based on the data presented, you can now select an adult sex doll that satisfies your requirements. We wish to increase your sexual enjoyment, and, in addition to common missionary and doggy-style positions, we have also detailed a range of positions for you to explore.

Tantaly Sex Doll