The Development Trend of BGA Assembly Technology

2023-03-16 10:37:23 更新

With the rapid development of LSI technology, the through-hole technology (THT) that flourished in the 1960s has gradually been replaced by the first generation of surface mount technology (SMT), w...


2022-11-23 12:48:37 更新

さまざまな Web サイトで「PCBA」という言葉を目にするとき、より厳密な PCBA の概念を表しています。 ただし、PCBA は、リジッド ボード、フレキシブル ボード、さらには HID PCB の両方を指す場合があります。 ...

Classification of PCBA contaminants

2022-09-01 12:42:22 更新

There are many types of contaminants on PCBA boards, which are mainly formed by the combination of physical bonds and chemical bonds. Physical bond binding: The contaminants form physical tensio...

Circuit Board Introduction-FS Technology

2022-08-15 13:56:09 更新

Circuit board is a kind of electronic circuit, which is very common in our life. There are such items in computers, mobile phones and refrigerators. Printed circuit board is also called pcb board a...

Considerations for Designing Clock PCBs-FS Technology

2022-07-01 12:13:22 更新

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